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A novel approach in this session is expected to help answer the basic questions concerning the slow acceptance of renewably resourced raw materials. A round-table discussion, led by Distinguished University Professor Ramani Narayan, Biobased Materials Research Group, Michigan State University, and involving proponents of the three key technologies, plans to focus on the reasons for this. The panel will be looking at technicalities such as the processing performance and variability of the various products as well as issues such as standard specifications being written around the behaviour of conventional materials, rather than actual performance requirements.

Despite the growing desire of companies to claim ‘green’ marketing credentials, the acceptance of natural-oil-based polyols, and more recent developments such as bio-succinic acid and CO2-based materials, has been slower than many would expect for a variety of reasons which will be examined in detail during the whole of this afternoon session.

Opening with a trio of short presentations on each basic system – from Green Urethanes Ltd of the UK (under its Natural Foams Technology brand) on NOPs; Bio-Amber Inc. on bio-succinic materials; and Novomer Inc, on CO2-based products – the floor will then be opened for contributions from all present, including suppliers of conventional, petroleum-based raw materials, processors and users/specifiers of end products.

The remainder of the session will comprise technical presentations detailing the latest developments in each area, including some specific polyurethane product developments.

Contributors here include: Green Urethanes Ltd, the Malaysian Palm Oil Board/Troy Polymers, Inc., Myriant Corporation, Reverdia of The Netherlands, Bio-Amber Inc., DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, LLC and Cardolite Corporation.

The end result of this detailed examination is hoped to be a series of practical steps to help foster the wider and faster acceptance of the new approaches


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