How We Can Help
  • With Green Urethanes’ technologies:
    You can incorporate Natural Oil Polyols (NOPs) into rigid or flexible foam formulations to at least 50% by weight (up to 75 php) while still preserving the essential physical properties.

    Increase the hardness of these foams by up to 25%

    Increase the flame retardant capabilities of these foams by 25%

    Increase the shelf life of NOP materials

    Substantially reduce the characteristic odour from foams produced with NOPs

    Visit our Patent section to learn about licensing these technologies.

  • Green Urethanes can then help you gain the maximum advantage from your new idea and give you a powerful weapon in the marketplace against your competition.

    Green Urethanes has world-wide agreements on new and original technologies within the polyurethanes industry.

    These technologies will enable you to make a whole new range of polyurethane foams that can be used not only in the conventional foam market but also in brand new markets such as composites.

    These technologies will ensure new products are highly competitive and cannot be copied; also that they remain price competitive and are technically superior to current products.

    These new products pass all current US and European legislation.

    We can advise you on how to license your new ideas to selected third parties.

  • With over 30 years experience in patenting new technologies, we can advise you on how to patent, what is patentable, and what to do with your patent.

    Many companies and individuals have good ideas but very few understand the next steps to developing and securing those ideas. As a result, teams spend a lot of time and money trying to patent what is not patentable; or they are at a loss in how to cement a great idea and fully exploit the protection a patent provides.

    Green Urethanes is here to provide help and advice on the whole process of developing and protecting your new idea.

    Is the idea best protected as “Confidential Know-How” or should it be protected and developed under the protection of a Patent Application?

    Did you know, for example, that offering a new product for sale before applying for patent protection will almost certainly ruin any possibility of getting patent protection for that new product or process?

  • Green Urethanes has the specialist knowledge to bring fresh technical and marketing approaches to the development of your new product or process.


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